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Montag, 23. Oktober 2017, 20:26

Suchen Zeichner oder Grafiker für 2min Kurzfilm

Hello everyone :)

Ich schreibe das hier mal auf Englisch. Falls jemand fragen hat bitte ich denjenigen oder diejenige mich bitte anzuschreiben. lg

We are a team of 2 prs, a web designer, 2 psychologists and a
couple of programmer. We are all working on this mission for free,
till we launch our first product.

Acutally the product is already finished (…5-h264_high.mp4
). It s all about PR and marketing now.

We will launch an big marketing event but for this we need one
more movie consisting of a comic movie which explains our vision.
(this is where you come in)

You like everyone else be will revshared very fair.

It will be about 2 minutes and here is what will happen:

Italic: Setting of the scene (your part!) (
you can work in teams and everyone will be paid fair)

normal: Speaker

Parents are leaving hospital with a baby. At home you see them
sitting together and enjoying this new life.

"Every human is born healthy, full of curiosity and love."

Child wants to watch TV but mum switches it off. It starts to
cry. // Family has to move – you see a sad child looking out of the
family car staring at its friends which it has to leave behind. //
Another child is at a funeral with its father. Obviously the mother

"But in our journey through life we have to realise, that the
world isn´t always there to satisfy us, we experience smaller
frustrations and some of us even bigger ones. Few of us unfortunately
experience things we cannot even imagine. "

Split screens: You can see children in their rooms looking very

"This releases the feeling, that we ´re alone and not worth
to get happy."

3D animation of the brain: frotal lobe, insula, brainstem and
amygdala are shown in different colors. While the speaker explains
amygdalas color goes over to insula. (we buy a 3d

"What Neurofeedback has shown us is, that normally all the
bad emotions coming out of the amygdala can be controlled by certain
areas of the brain. But in critical developments the amygdala is
stronger than the calming areas and brings us to a displeasing state
of mind."

You can see a man on the couch drinking beer and watching
football. // As next you see a woman doing online shopping.

"In order to calm that feeling, we try to find ways delivered
by the outside world, which give us a release from the pain that
drives us through our life."

You see a money counting man. // An online gamer in a run down
place. // A fat man eating at a fastfood restaurant. // A smoking
woman. // TV watching teens.

"In german addcition means searching. But what are we
searching for? And why are we so far away from a happy and joyfull

You can see a man with a neuroplus device on his head and a
smartphone in his hand. After zooming to the smartphone you can the
the 3D brain model where insula and amygdala are getting green

"Brainplus uses neurofeedback methods developed since years
to synchronize these old patterns once and for all."

first half end.

Everyone can be part.

Just send me your ideas or your wish to work with us to:

sincerely yours.

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Freitag, 17. November 2017, 14:08

Guten Tag,

ist die Anfrage noch aktuell oder haben Sie bereits jemanden gefunden?
Als freiberufliche Illustratorin arbeite ich gelegentlich mit einem Filmteam zusammen.
Wir produzieren unter anderem Erklärvideos und ich denke, der Stil könnte gut zu Ihren Vorstellungen passen.

Bei Interesse oder weiteren Fragen könen Sie mich gern per Mail, über, kontaktieren. : )

Freundliche Grüße und ein schönes Wochenende,
Melanie A.

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